Minutes of the May 5, 2008 Board Meeting

Lordsburg Municipal Schools


May 5, 2008

The Lordsburg Municipal Board of Education met in regular session on Monday, May 5, 2008 at 6:00 p.m. The meeting was held in the Board Room of the District Administrative Office, 501 West Fourth Street, Lordsburg, NM.

Board Members Present Others Present

Patty Worthan, President Jim Barentine, Superintendent

Manuel Saucedo, Vice President Irene Baisa, Business Manager

Marianne Stewart, Secretary Teressa Koffler, SLP

Mark Thomas, Member Louis Baisa, Athletic Director

Roland Lassiter, Parent

Board Members Absent Terri Gomez, Parent

None Julia Talavera, LHS Student Athlete

Aimee Chavez, LHS Student Athlete

Kelsey Worthan, LHS Student Athlete

Lupita Barsness, LHS Student Athlete

Alyssa Olivas, LHS Student Athlete

Geraldine DeFoor, RVTES Teacher

Sherry Conner, Elementary Arts Teacher

Alfredo Morales, LHS Teacher

Carmen Acosta, Parent

Fred LaMarca, Coach

Bill Wright, Bus Contractor

Jimmy Stewart, Community Member

Brenda Green, Hidalgo County Herald


Patty Worthan called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m.


Marianne Stewart made a motion to approve the agenda as presented. Mark Thomas seconded the motion. All voted aye. Motion carried.


Kelsey Worthan – Request To Be On The Agenda

Jim Barentine introduced Kelsey Worthan, LHS student athlete. Miss Worthan petitioned the Board to allow student athletes to take part in dual participation in sports during the school year. She presented a petition containing approximately 275 signatures from community members, coaches, staff, and students. Examples were cited of sports teams which are unable to competitively field their teams when faced with a single sport policy. She indicated that student athletes who have participated in more than one sport in the past tend to have higher GPA’s, be on the honor roll, be more physically fit, and have better time management skills. Miss Worthan gave the Board an example of possible wording for policy change regarding dual sport participation. This and a verbatim written report are included in the Board files for this meeting. The Board had no questions. Miss Worthan thanked the Board for their time.


Fred LaMarca addressed the Board in public forum regarding the athletic code. He asked the Board to reconsider policy which does not allow eighth graders to participate in high school sports. He contended that once eight graders finish their last track meet they are no longer considered eighth grade athletes. They have completed and met their obligation as eighth graders and “reasonably” should then be considered as high school athletes. He said Board policy should allow for opportunities for the students, not restrictions, unless there are for justifiable reasons such as health, training, etc. Mr. LaMarca said he is not asking for eighth graders to participate in high school sports all year long, only after the end of the DTMS track season. He thanked the Board for their time and asked them to consider his request when they begin talking about the athletic handbook, later in the agenda.


A. Approval of Previous Minutes –

1. Regular Meeting of April 7, 2008

2. Special Meeting of April 22, 2008

Patty Worthan asked if there was any discussion on the previous minutes of April 7 and April 22.

With no response from the Board Patty Worthan asked for a motion to approve the minutes. Marianne Stewart made a motion to approve the minutes. Mark Thomas seconded the motion. All voted aye. Motion carried.

B. Payment of Bills

Patty Worthan asked if there was any discussion or questions in the payment of bills. Manuel Saucedo had questions regarding the following checks: 7280, 7249, and 7243. Mr. Saucedo asked Mr. Barentine to inquire of Triadic if they could document, on regular non-security paper (less expensive), direct deposit information along with accumulated leave information, for employee convenience. If the Triadic program cannot do this he suggested they look into a program named Cassell, or for the district to possibly find another company that can provide the service.

Patty Worthan asked for a motion to approve payment of bills. Mr. Saucedo made a motion to approve the bills. Mark Thomas seconded the motion. All voted aye. Motion carried.


A. Budget Adjustment Requests

1. A reduction in student transportation of $15,226, based on 40th day counts.

2. A state increase in the fuel factor being paid to contractors and to the district. Student Transportation/Transportation Contractors and Student Transportation/Gasoline increased a total of $2,739, and $407 respectively.

3. An increase in the total instructional materials sub-fund of $430 which is carryover from the previous year.

4. An increase of $3,405 in instructional materials for the depository portion of the budget where books and materials are ordered through resolve.

5. An increase of $3,405 for the cash portion of the instructional materials fund.

6. A decrease of $17,318 in food services from operational. The monies are included in the grant for Breakfast for Elementary Students.

7. An increase of $17,624 in food services out of the regular revenue category into the grant category for food services. The regular line number is different.

Mark Thomas made a motion to approve the budget adjustment requests. Marianne Stewart seconded the motion. All voted aye. Motion carried.

B. Transportation Contract Revisions

Jim Barentine explained revisions to each of the transportation contracts are to accommodate the fuel mileage adjustments from the state which are reflected in the budget adjustment request. He recommended approval of the amended contract amounts.

Mark Thomas made a motion to approve the transportation contract revisions. Marianne Stewart seconded the motion. All voted aye. Motion carried.

C. Enrichment Center

Jim Barentine provided additional information for discussion to the Board as requested regarding the Enrichment Center. The documents included the following:

· A list of possible options regarding the future of the building.

· Asbestos consulting results from Industrial Hygiene, Laboratory & Consulting Services recommending limited access to the building.

· Documentation from a 1994 architecturally prepared facilities planning study, in lieu of a feasibility study which has not been done on the Enrichment Center alone. The study concluded major upgrades would need to be done to comply with current (1994) code. Mr. Barentine will contact Brent Flenniken for possible building plans, per request. Abatement of the asbestos is estimated to cost approximately $150,000. An estimate was given to shore up floors and roof during abatement of about $50,000, bringing an approximate total cost of $200,000 for abatement costs.

· An appraisal information sheet. The most recent appraisal amount is $2,929,000, done in the fall of 1997.

· A budget notice from NM Public Schools Insurance Authority stating an insurance cost of $.48 per $100 of building value. Insurance will cost $14,059.20 per year to insure the building.

Mr. Barentine had a conversation with architect Tad Powers, who indicated the building would very likely need to be completely gutted in order to renovate. Mr. Powers said the only parts of the building that may be sound are the exterior walls. The substructure may have some deterioration and there are cracks in the material between the bricks in some places. Manuel Saucedo commented that DTMS has had some major renovation done to it in past years, maybe three times.

Patty Worthan asked what it would cost to leave the building as is with the addition of a chain link fence for security. Mr. Barentine said the district would continue to have to pay the $14,059.20 per year insurance up to the point when the building could cave in at which time it would have to be abated for a cost of approximately $200,000. An estimation $20,000 was given for chain link fencing.

Mr. Saucedo brought up the possibility of donating the building to another government entity. He said the county is interested in pursing this option. He suggested representatives from the county appear before the Board and present their ideas at the June meeting. Mr. Barentine said donation of the building is possible such as was done with the learning center property. The property transfer agreement for the learning center stated that if the it was not used as such it would revert back to the district. A similar agreement can be written up regarding the Enrichment Center, exercising ownership rights of control within a JPA, or in a property donation. Mr. Barentine mentioned the possibility of raising funds through the Southwest Council of Governments, restricted to municipalities and counties. Patty Worthan asked if the building could be sold to a government entity instead of donating it. Mr. Barentine said it would be difficult to get an amount close to the appraised value of $2,929,000, recognizing it would take millions of dollars to renovate the building. Mr. Saucedo interjected saying these are taxpayer funds. The district hasn’t done anything to the building. If a government entity is willing to take it over how can the district rationalize not doing anything to the building except to demolish it. He suggested a transfer of the property saying the city and/or county does not have money to purchase the building. At this point the county has $700,000 to put into the building, starting with the roof. Details would have to be worked out. He would not consider demolition. Mrs. Worthan said if the building was demolished the space could be used for something other than an abandoned building, such as improvement to the fields, or a new auditorium.

The Board was in agreement to invite the county, city, Tad Powers, a 2nd interested architect known to Mr. Saucedo, and Economic Development persons to the June 2nd Board meeting to share ideas regarding the Enrichment Center.

D. Facilities Master Plan – Prioritization


To determine the Board’s order of prioritization for suggested projects listed by ARC, Jim Barentine suggested each Board member give a nine or ten item list based on their priority. A list of priorities was given in the following order.

Marianne Stewart

CES roofing project

LHS shop renovation addition

CES window replacement

CES/LHS HVAC improvements

RVT/CES ADA improvements

LHS public address system

LHS ADA gym upgrades

DTMS track improvements

SSES roof replacement

LHS perimeter fencing

Mark Thomas



Baseball field

LHS gym lobby renovation/enlargement

RVT renovations

RVT kindergarten storage room enlargement

LHS interior commons area

LHS perimeter fencing

SSES restrooms in old addition

Patty Worthan

Demolition of Enrichment Center

Auditorium addition

SSES playground

LHS artificial turf and football field & track

HVAC improvements, all buildings

LHS shop renovation

RVT landscape improvements, playground shading, new playfield

LHS interior commons area

LHS perimeter fencing

LHS parking/paving improvements

Manuel Saucedo

Enrichment Center to auditorium/other uses

DTMS sports complex

CES windows replacement

LHS cafetorium renovation

LHS Auditorium

CES classroom expansions

DTMS sports complex (District usage)

Upon reviewing the listed items, the Board agreed to have Mr. Barentine return at the next regular meeting with a proposed priority list based on the information listed above, which can help the Board to determine a tentative budget for the next bond cycle. A majority of the Board agreed the Enrichment Center would not be a part of the budget for the bond cycle. They will continue forward as noted in previous agenda item VI. OTHER BUSINESS, C. ENRICHMENT CENTER.


Concern was expressed regarding the poor looking stand of grass on the football field at the high school. Mr. Barentine said the bare spots will be scooped out again and replanted. Different top soil will be used than what was used with the previous try. The grass is also just beginning to come out of dormancy.

E. 2009 Bond Cycle


To have a clear understanding documented, Jim Barentine revisited the issue of funding for the Enrichment Center. He reviewed determinations based on much dialog from the Board. A 3 to 1 majority of the Board agreed bond funds would not be used for renovation of the Enrichment Center. The total bond proceeds would be used up in this one project, preventing the district from addressing other needs for 5-6 years. Potential funding sources for the building were discussed. Manuel Saucedo suggested the district should bond for $300,000 for restoration of the building; fifty percent of the district’s share of demolition. Patty Worthan recalled a 3 to 1 majority decision of the Board to be that none of the bond cycle monies would go toward the restoration of the Enrichment Center. All bond monies would be put into much needed facility upgrades on buildings currently in use. Mr. Saucedo stated, “so long as $300,000, at least, is used for its (Enrichment Center) restoration, if we (the Board) go that route, having the county take it over, or something else.” Mr. Barentine said he would use this information as he puts together the priorities list, comparing project costs to bond capacity.

F. Athletics Handbook 08-09


A copy of the athletics handbook, containing changes highlighted in yellow for school year 2008-09, was included in Board packet information for each Board member. Jim Barentine encouraged questions/comments saying he would help clarify any questions they may have.

Appendix P – It was asked why the events workers stipend schedule is different between DTMS and LHS. Jim Barentine said it is based on the amount of time the events take; events take longer at the high school than DTMS. The Board was in agreement to make the stipends for events workers equal district wide.

DTMS Eligibility – Mr. Barentine was asked if the weekly eligibility checks are working at the middle school. He said the program was implemented as a leverage tool for getting students to turn in homework, and it’s working well. No recommendation has come from the middle school to change or do away with the program.

There was concern regarding weekly checks for eligibility. Marianne Stewart said because a student athlete can be disqualified at the end of one week it makes it hard for coaches to have consistency within the team. She compared this with the high school where they become eligible based on their 9 week cumulative grade. Mr. Barentine recognized the difficulty put on coaches with the possibility of ineligibility at the end of each week. He said there are not a lot of options to leverage students to get their work done, with the goal of passing their courses. He indicated that it is important to look at the issue as part of the whole picture, emphasis on why the students are in school. If they are not doing the academic work, it doesn’t really matter if they do the athletic work at all; again recognizing it is hard on coaches, possibly encouraging some not to coach. The real emphasis has to be on academics, especially in preparing them for their high school career. Coach Baisa said sophomores and freshman are doing well with their eligibility this year. Discussion showed class personality is probably the real determining factor in motivation as they enter high school. Mark Thomas didn’t have an issue with the DTMS eligibility program, commenting why are the students in school? He said it’s junior high sports, it should be fun.

Tutoring for Student Athletes at DTMS – Mr. Saucedo asked Mr. Barentine to report on whether or not there is a tutoring program for student athletes at DTMS. Mr. Barentine said the ZAP program is a mid-day tutoring program put in place to replace an end of the day tutoring program. He said a budget is in place to implement a more rigorous tutoring program for next school year. This should encourage staff at each school to confer and research what will work. Mr. Saucedo suggested putting consequences in place for those that need it and don’t use it. In response Mr. Barentine said the consequences may catch student athletes but not all students.

Dual Participation – Patty Worthan supported dual participation in sports for student athletes, as requested for reconsideration by Kelsey Worthan at the beginning of the Board meeting. She said it would be helpful in solving the low number participation currently being dealt with in the sports program. Mark Thomas said as long as a student is eligible they should be allowed to play in more than one sport.

Marianne Stewart recalled single participation was made policy because students were saying they were at practice for one sport to the other sport’s coach, and vice versa with the first sport’s coach, and they were not at either sport practice. Yet the student wanted to participate in district meets and other competitions. Coach Baisa said coaches can keep in closer communication to avoid this problem in the future.

Mr. Barentine said another reason was concern for the student’s physical preparation for the sport, and safety issues. Can a student be fit enough physically in one sport while training for two? Mrs. Worthan said she believed the new athletic conditioning program is addressing this issue well. It wasn’t in place when the one sport participation rule was put into policy. She proposed to add dual participation to the athletic policy.

Eighth Grade Participation in High School Sports – Mrs. Worthan asked the Board for input regarding Fred LaMarca’s request to allow eighth graders to participate in high school sports upon completion of their obligation in DTMS track. Mr. Barentine asked if the same thing should be done for football, volleyball, and basketball at the end of their season. Discussion revealed the complications which surface regarding the number and types of games an athlete is required to play throughout the year in order to play in certain competitions at the end of the season. If an eight grader joins high school sports at the completion of track they miss out on the needed high school games during the year. If they play in those games it opens up the issue of eighth graders playing in high school sports through out the year, not just at the completion of track. The Board was in agreement to keep the policy as is regarding eighth grade participation in high school sports.

Mr. Barentine will compose a proposed policy for dual participation based on Kelsey Worthan’s presentation earlier in the meeting. The policy will be brought back to the Board for review by the Board.

Marianne Stewart made a motion to approve the athletics policy with a revision to equal out all event worker stipends district wide, and to include dual participation in sports. Mark Thomas seconded the motion. All voted aye. Motion carried.

G. Activities Handbook 08-09

Jim Barentine presented the first draft of the activities handbook to the Board for review. The Board was asked to be ready to adopt the handbook at the next Board meeting in June. Changes can be made at that time if necessary.

H. Calendar 08-09

Jim Barentine presented a proposed final calendar for school year 2008-09 based on input from LMS staff regarding the first and second drafts of said calendar. A copy of the calendar is included in the Board packet information.

Manuel Saucedo made a motion to adopt the calendar. Mark Thomas seconded the motion. All voted aye. Motion carried.

I. Approval of TAL/LMS Agreement

Jim Barentine presented proposed changes to the five year TAL document which began July 1st of 2007 and finalized through negotiation. Changes within the agreement are highlighted for ease of identification. A copy of the changes is included in the Board packet information. The following items were discussed as follows.

· Mileage reimbursement and wait time pay for activity drivers – Commercially licensed drivers will be reimbursed at $.40/mile. Eligible drivers will receive a minimum of $10/hr with a minimum of $20 per trip for wait time.

· Pg 14 – #17, second line, the word “released” should be “release”.

· Employee notification of accumulated leave – will be done twice a year at approximately the third and ninth month. Information will be sent with payroll checks/stubs.

· Pg. 30, WORK YEAR – #2, the word “generally” should read “minimally”, per Manuel Saucedo.

· Pg. 31, regarding time clocks – Mr. Saucedo asked who used them. Mr. Barentine said all non-exempt employees excepting professional staff, which are teachers/administrators, and supervisory/exempt employees.

· Regarding the professional salary – Mr. Saucedo thought there should not be salaries listed under numbers five and six in the column headed MA BA+45. Jim Barentine said there is because there may be conditions tied to licensure reciprocity with other states, or there may be conditions tied to ancillary staff, both of which have occurred in the past.

· Regarding extracurricular activities for LHS and DTMS Mr. Saucedo instructed Mr. Barentine to verify if yearbook, mock trial, and drama are indeed considered extracurricular.

· Pg. 30, WORK YEAR – #1, a work day was added to the IA and library positions to equal 183 days annually. This was done because their work year is tied to the instructional year; #2, a tenth holiday is provided to custodial/maintenance staff to equal 261 workdays.

· Pg. 30, CRITERIA FOR SALARY SCHEDULE PLACEMENT – some stipends are based on the need to attract personnel to do certain tasks, market based task increments. These increments will be increased at the same percentage as their base salary for the coming year; to be renegotiated the next year.

· Pg. 35, PROVISION APPLICABLE ONLY TO PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYEES, WORK YEAR – the work year has been adjusted to accommodate the additional instructional day. Returning teachers will work 185 days. New professional staff will work 187 days. One of these days will occur prior to the beginning of classes for the purpose of classroom preparation, if possible, per state regulations.

· Regarding salary schedules – increases made during budget meetings have been included in the listed salary schedules.

Jim Barentine informed the Board the TAL agreement was approved tentatively in negotiations on April 24, 2008, and approved by the TAL membership at 69 to 0. He recommended for the Board to adopt the changes.

Mr. Saucedo requested the provision of catastrophic leave be put on the table with TAL negations if TAL is interested in including this in negotiations with the district.

Marianne Stewart made a motion to approve the changes to the TAL agreement. Manuel Saucedo seconded the motion. All voted aye. Motion carried.

J. IDEA Application

Jim Barentine presented the application for special education funding to the Board for approval as required by the state department. He explained the Board would be approving the assurances tied to the application for funding.

Manuel Saucedo made a motion to approve the application. Mark Thomas seconded the motion. All voted aye. Motion carried.

K. Consolidated Federal Programs Application

The application was not available for the meeting. It will be presented in special meeting before the next regular meeting of June 2.

L. Elementary Arts Program – Annual Report & Application

Jim Barentine presented the application for renewal of funding for the elementary arts program. Sherry Conner was present to deliver the required annual report of the program to the Board. She reported the following.

· Drums were purchased for elementary programs

· Xylophones were purchased for the music program

· CES’ December music program went well, enjoying greater parental involvement

· SSES’ program is scheduled for May 21, 6:30 p.m.

· 4th graders went to NMSU, where they made paper and watched pottery being made on the wheel

· Mrs. Conner took a pottery class at the university

· Two music assemblies were brought to the district

· Sherry Conner went to Santa Fe to the annual FAEA meeting

· Four teachers are being sent to Albuquerque in June to learn how to use fine arts in teaching math and reading

· There are plans to add a new program at RVT next year, and the program will include parts and singing

Patty Worthan commented she has heard great things about what Mrs. Conner has been doing in the different schools around the district. Jim Barentine said the budget worksheet includes $75,000 for the district to support the elementary arts program. He asked the Board for approval of the application.

Mark Thomas made a motion to approve the elementary arts program application. Marianne Stewart seconded the motion. All voted aye. Motion carried.

M. Proposed JPA – SES Playground

Jim Barentine presented the Board with a proposed JPA between the schools and the city of Lordsburg for development of the SSES playground into a combination school playground/city park. Each entity is bearing responsibility for development, in regard to educational use and park use, as it relates to itself.

Manuel Saucedo and Mark Thomas both abstained from voting, indicating that they want to know how the city views the proposed JPA before voting for or against it. Mr. Thomas also expressed concerns regarding the ownership of equipment purchased for permanent placement on the property. The JPA was tabled until the June 2nd LMS regular meeting. A city meeting is to be held before June 2nd which will give more information to Mr. Saucedo and Mr. Thomas on which way to vote, as they have responsibilities tied to both the district and the city.

Tabled until the regular meeting of June 2, 2008.

N. Proposed Policy – General Special Education Guidelines

Jim Barentine presented a proposed policy to the Board for adoption regarding general special education guidelines. It contains the assurances the state must have in order to provide local education agencies with special ed funding.

The first proposed policy, received from the state for the purpose of having a policy in place before the beginning of the year in order to receive funding, contained multiple errors. It could not be legally adopted and/or changed because it is a copyrited document. In various areas it refers to other states rather than New Mexico. It contains inaccuracies regarding state regulations, and it is thicker than the district’s entire existing policy manual. Superintendents and REC directors have informed the state they cannot adopt the document as is.

Mr. Barentine has committed the district, through the REC, to participate in the construction of a policy, for the Board to consider for adoption at a later date, that addresses the necessary issues and yet should be ten pages or less. The cost will be between $500 and $1,000, depending on the number of participating districts. The policy information will be put together by a law firm, not otherwise serving the district, which specializes in special education.

Mr. Barentine asked the Board to adopt the proposed policy, saying if it isn’t adopted in the current meeting it will be brought back for adoption in the June meeting to be in place by the end of June 30 to assure funding for the following year. He said a proposed change to the policy currently being presented to the Board will be brought back to the Board upon receipt of the legal firm’s work. The current proposed policy was written by REC directors. It holds the district to requirements present under federal and state regulations and does not impose any new requirements.

Manuel Saucedo made a motion to adopt the proposed policy regarding special education guidelines. Mark Thomas seconded the motion. All voted aye. Motion carried.

O. Proposed Policy – Archiving Electronic Correspondence

Jim Barentine presented a proposed policy to the Board for adoption regarding electronic correspondence. He said if a policy is not in place regarding the retention of electronic documents, they would have to be retained the same way paper documents are, by requirement of state law. By proposing a policy that identifies a certain period of time electronic media would be archived, namely emails, the district can save money and the purchase of additional servers and storage space that would otherwise be needed just for archiving email. Mr. Barentine said the policy meets the requirements per legal council. He made a recommendation for the Board to adopt the proposed policy.

Marianne Stewart made a motion to approve the proposed policy regarding archiving electronic correspondence. Mark Thomas seconded the motion. All voted aye. Motion carried.

P. LHS Commencement

Jim Barentine asked the Board to contact J. Vance Lee Jr. if they planned on participating in graduation exercises on May 23rd. Graduation will take place at 8:00 p.m. at the LHS football stadium.


A. Region VIII Board Meeting

Jim Barentine, Marianne Stewart, and Mark Thomas all reported positively regarding the Region VIII Board Meeting held in Cliff, saying it was worth the drive and time. Employer/employee topics were discussed during the presentation, with the guest presenter being Andrew Sanchez of the Cuddy Law Firm.

B. NMSBA Law Conference

Jim Barentine asked Board members to notify Carol Elder by May 9 as to whether or not they plan on attending the NMSBA Law Conference. Registration information needs to be in as soon as possible, and hotel reservations made. The meeting will be held at the Hotel Albuquerque on June 6 – 7, 2008.

C. Vacant Board Position

An advertisement regarding the vacant Board position indicated individuals may notify the Board in writing concerning their interest in filling the position. Letters of interest were received by David Whipple and George Craig. The Board reviewed the letters.

Patty Worthan nominated George Craig. Manuel Saucedo nominated David Whipple saying he ran in the last election which showed an interest, George chose not to. Patty Worthan countered saying George Craig is interested and had not run during the election in hopes of giving someone else an opportunity.

Patty Worthan asked for a vote regarding the nomination to fill the Board vacancy with George Craig. The Board voted as indicated.

Patty Worthan – aye Manuel Saucedo – nay

Marianne Stewart – aye Mark Thomas – nay

Patty Worthan asked for a vote regarding the nomination to fill the Board vacancy with David Whipple. Board members voted as indicated.

Patty Worthan – nay Manuel Saucedo – aye

Marianne Stewart – nay Mark Thomas – aye

Jim Barentine informed the Board that Secretary Veronica Garcia will appoint a Board member according to state statute because there was not a majority vote for either nominee. He said he will contact the Secretary of Education and mail her the necessary documentation.


A. Personnel

Resignations –

James Jarvis, Bus Maintenance

Josephine Jarvis, Secondary Language Arts Teacher

Re-employment –

Professional Staff


Frank Acosta Jr.

6th Grade


Christina Antillón

Special Education 9th-12th


Dana Arredondo



Louie Baisa

Physical Education/History 9th-12th


Priscilla Barrera

1st Grade


Alice Boyden

3rd Grade


Steve Chapman

Special Education 9th-12th


Kim Collard



Sherry Conner

Elementary Art/Music


Tammy Cross

Language Arts 7th-8th


Brian Culberson

3rd Grade


Roberta Cull



Geraldine DeFoor

1st Grade


Diana Doctor

Art 7th-12th


Davina Dominguez-Lara

Social Studies 9th-12th


Candyce Evertson

3rd Grade


LuEmma Floyd

DD Preschool


Christine Gandara

1st Grade


Carmen Gonzalez

School Nurse


Ralph Gordon

6th Grade


Nacona Grijalva

Science 9th-12th


Zulema Gutierrez

2nd Grade


Deborah Hood

Physical Education 7th-8th


Tammy Hopkins

Language Arts 7th-8th


Dayna Jones

Elementary Physical Education


Amie King

Title I Teacher


Scott Knight

Language Arts 9th-12th


Teressa Koffler

Speech Language Pathologist


Fred La Marca

Science 7th-8th


David Lackey

DTMS Principal


Heather Lackey



J. Vance Lee, Jr.

LHS Principal


Barbara Little

4th Grade


Machenzie Lucero

Counselor K-4th


Anna McCants



Phyllis McDonald

English/Social Studies 9th-12th


Sally McGovern

4th Grade


Bill Mendoza

Science 9th-12th


Raquel Montiel

Special Education 3rd-6th


Alfredo Morelos, Jr.

Spanish/Physical Education/Health 9th-12th


Mike Newell, Jr.

Math 7th-8th


Rocky Northrip

Science/Computers 7th-8th


Rocio Ortega

5th Grade


Allie Pelayo

RVT Principal


Patrick Ramirez

Counselor 5th-8th


Siva Raven

Special Education PreK-2nd


Armando Rosales

Math 9th-12th


Tiffany Saenz

DD Preschool


Lois Saucedo

History 7th-8th


Lisa Siegel

Special Education 7th-8th


Frank Silva

Math 9th-12th


Don Smith

Director of Support Services


Bobbie Stewart

Counselor 9th-12th


Catherine Telles

2nd Grade


Myra Thomas



Sherral Trotter

Business/Technology 9th-12th


Bethany Walter

5th Grade


Nyla Walter

Family & Consumer Science 9th-12th


Robert Woodard

Special Education K-2nd


Antonio Zapata

Music/Band 5th-12th

Classified Staff


Irene Alvarez

Instructional Assistant/Bus Driver RVT


Lupe Alvarez

Cafeteria Server


Melissa Artiaga

Instructional Assistant RVT


Rebecca Artiaga

Transportation Secretary


Connie Baisa

Bookkeeper Adm. Office


Irene Baisa

Business Manager Adm. Office


Delia Bermudez

Cafeteria Manager


Francisca Calderon

Family Youth Resource Liaison


Daniel Castillo

Custodian RVT


Ryan Chaney

Technology Coordinator


Matthew DeFoor

Custodian Cafeteria


Abraham DeLaGarza



Irma Diaz

Secretary/Bookkeeper LHS


Tina Diaz

Secretary/Bookkeeper DTMS


Baltazar Dominguez



Rosa Dominguez

Secretary Adm. Office


Carol Elder

Receptionist Adm. Office


David Escobar

Purchasing Agent


Cecelia Esquivel

Cafeteria Server


Diana Esquivel

Instructional Assistant RVT


Maribel Estrada

Cafeteria Cook


David Flores

Custodian CES


Pat Flores

Sp. Ed. Secretary RVT


Marcos Garcia

Custodian LHS


Connie Garza

Instructional Assistant DTMS


Ruthie Garza

Instructional Assistant SSES


Lisa Gomez

Library Instructional Assistant/Bus Driver CES


Pauline Gomez

Title I Instructional Assistant CES


Barbara Gonzalez

Secretary RVT


Juanita Guerrero

Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant


Oscar Gutierrez

Custodian LHS


Marsha Hill

Payroll/Insurance Adm. Office


Carilee Jarvis

Instructional Assistant RVT


Leslie Jarvis

Instructional Assistant RVT


Angel Lopez



Olga Lopez

Cafeteria Cook


Patsy Magallanes

Secretary LHS


Amelia Martinez

Cafeteria Server


Gloria Martinez

Secretary SSES


Judy Martinez

Assistant Cafeteria Manager


Kari Martinez

Instructional Assistant/Bus Driver RVT


Jakie McCants



Anna Molina

Cafeteria Cook


David Montaño

Custodian DTMS


Sarah Morelos

SPED Instructional Assistant LHS


Melanie Murillo

Instructional Assistant RVT


Melody Murillo

Food Service Cashier RVT


George Philhour

Custodian SSES


Beatrice Placencia

Library Instructional Assistant DTMS


Carrie Ramirez

Instructional Assistant RVT


Ida Reyes

Cafeteria Cook


Debra Rhoton

Virden Bus Driver


Francine Ruiz

ISS Instructional Assistant LHS


Christina Salinas

Library Instructional Assistant SSES


Norma Sanchez

SPED Instructional Assistant CES


Frances Saucedo

Instructional Assistant/Bus Driver RVT


Catrina Silvas

Instructional Assistant/Food Service Cashier DTMS


Mary Silvas

Health Assistant


Dora Smith

Food Service Cashier SSES


Jessica Smith

Alternative Program Instructional Assistant/Food Service Cashier LHS


Louise Snarr

Library Instructional Assistant RVT


Audrey Stewart

Instructional Assistant SSES


Patti Jo Woodard

Instructional Assistant SSES

This list reflects the reduction of one ancillary position and one terminated special education position.

Vacancies –

Principal, SSES & CES

Secretary, CES

English Teacher, LHS

Industrial Arts Teacher, LHS

Security Officer, LHS

FT Bus Driver/Maintenance

Food Service Cashier, LHS & CES

Cafeteria Cook

PT Director of Instructional Improvement

Interviews are in process regarding the positions for Elementary Principal, LHS Industrial Arts teacher, and LHS English teacher.

B. Board Goals

Jim Barentine informed the Board that a detailed report from each principal would be brought to the June Board meeting.

Nutrition and Closed Campus – Closed campus and food selection surveys have gone out to families. Some have returned from students and staff. The deadline for parent surveys is Friday, May 9. Mr. Barentine will present results from compiled surveys when completed.

C. Facilities

DTMS Project – installation of the helical piers for the support of the foundation is putting a bit of a delay on the project; the rest of the project is on or beyond schedule; Tatsch is doing a good job coordinating the work at the school.

Backhoe Ordered – A John Deer backhoe tractor has been ordered for maintenance. It has backhoe, forklift, and bucket capabilities. Any of the current implements being used with the older tractor can be worn by the new tractor. The versatility of the tractor will contribute greatly to helping the maintenance crew accomplish their work.

LHS Fencing – Price shopping is in progress. Options are being generated for fencing along 4th street, something other than chain link.

LHS Doors – Half of the doors now have new hardware.

Track and Football Fields – A CES vendor has been contacted asking them for feedback regarding the amount of space required for a full size track and whether there are alternate configurations that can be used at the high school setting to fit between 4th and 2nd streets.

Roofing at SSES and CES – A quote has been acquired from Tremco for sealing the roofs at SSES and CES to prolong each by at least five years with warranty. A quote has been requested from Lone Mountain construction for the application of a roofing sealant for the roofs, also.

D. Elementary PE Program

Jim Barentine presented an application to the Board regarding the elementary PE program. He said it would become part of the SEG monies (state equalization guarantee funds) that become the operational budget. A dollar amount is not known, the application was a request for information only, which did not require Board approval. The program would require the district to offer a minimum of three thirty minute sessions of PE instruction per week to every elementary student. This would necessitate a second elementary PE instructor be added to the staff. Mr. Barentine is working toward having this approved in time for inclusion of the final budget on June 20th.

IX. EXECUTIVE SESSION [Pursuant to 10-15-1 H(6, 7) NMSA 1978]

Re: Potential Litigation, i.e. Sufficiency Funding of Schools; Rating of Proposals, i.e. Transportation

Patty Worthan made a motion to convene in executive session for the purpose of discussing potential litigation, i.e. sufficiency funding of schools; rating of proposals, i.e. transportation. Individual members voted as indicated.

Patty Worthan – aye Manuel Saucedo – nay

Marianne Stewart – aye Mark Thomas – aye

Manuel Saucedo did not believe this situation to fit into the attorney general’s guidelines for exceptions for closed session or pending litigation.

Majority vote, motion carried. The Board convened in closed session at 9:26 p.m. Manuel Saucedo left the Board room.


Patty Worthan made a motion to reconvene in open session. Individual members voted as indicated.

Patty Worthan – aye Mark Thomas – aye

Marianne Stewart – aye

Motion carried. The Board reconvened in open session at 9:43 p.m.

Mr. Barentine indicated that the discussion in closed session was limited to how the participating Board members felt about proceeding. He had volunteered to seek legal advice regarding the appropriateness of the closed session topics, and the Board can address the topics at a special meeting later in the month. The Board took no votes and made no final decisions during the executive session.


No action was taken.


Jim Barentine indicated that he had nothing for this agenda item tonight.


On a motion by Patty Worthan, the meeting was adjourned at 9:48 p.m.

Patty Worthan, President


Marianne Stewart, Secretary


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